Africa is winning the World Cup despite Anti-Immigrant sentiment

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Pele predicted that An African country would win the world cup by the year 2000.

He was wrong. It’s 2018, and all the African Giants have fallen in the group stages. I have to choose a team to support. How do I support Africa when we cannot seem to advance past the quarterfinals ever?

Brazil has the most substantial number of Black people living outside Africa, so I supported them until they fell to the Belgium half African team. It felt like the last punch in a battle. The Black European Teams are messing with my African bracket.

I was watching a French film on Netflix over the weekend as I prepared for the battle between the French and Argentine team in the World Cup Round of 16. In French cinema, it is hard to ignore the pervasive racial discrimination which seems so ingrained in the French culture and society. The marginalization of African immigrants in Ghettos has not stopped the assent of African ancestry players from filtering through the racial barriers to the highest echelons of French Sports. I watched the youthful Mbappee the child of two immigrant parents hand a thumping to the Argentina team.

Last week there was a random tweeter discussion of what teams to cheer for once the inevitable exist of the African teams materializes.


Bye, bye Africa from the World Cup. Or is it?

Can Africa support France given the sordid history of colonial and neo-colonialism? And can we forget the anti-immigrant backlash led by rightwingers like Le Pen once said the multicultural France football team was not French enough?

The 2018 France squad has 14 players who could play for an African All the African Nations have exited the World cup 2018 in the group stages. Senegal was eliminated by the Fair Play rules that I just think are barbaric and heartbreaking to all the Senegalese fans. But is it truly goodbye? Even French President Macron thought Nigerians should get behind France after the Super Eagles fell.

country and actually, two players have siblings who play for African National Teams. Florentin Pogba is Paul Pogbas brother, and he plays for Guinea. Steve Mandanda’s brother plays for Congo.

And then there is Belgium another multicultural team with first-generation sons of Africa migrants defeated Brazil. Nacer Chadii, son of Morrocan migrants, assisted by Romelu Lukaku whose parents are from Congo, scored the game-winner. This goal came after a game-tying goal from  Marouane Fellaini whose parents are Moroccans.

On July 10th Belgium meets the French in what we would describe as the Franco -Prussian war of 2018. Both teams and their fans are hungry for football glory.



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